1. I received my mats, but they don’t seem to fit. What should I do?
    • We design and manufacture every set of ExactMats to fit each specific vehicle in our inventory, exactly! Occasionally, customers will install their new mats and be concerned that there is an incorrect fit. Here are a few things to check first:
    • Are your mats facing the correct direction? Your ExactMats will be the exact same dimensions as your original carpeted mats, so make sure you have them rotated correctly to match right up.
    • Are your ExactMats on the correct side? There are often subtle variations in design between driver and passenger mats, or even mats in the second row. Make sure you haven’t accidentally placed an ExactMat on the wrong side of the vehicle.
    • Do you have the original factory floor mats in your car? ExactMats are made to fit factory designs, and even aftermarket mats that claim to be the same shape as the original are often in fact a different shape entirely. We certify our mats to fit their factory counterparts, so make sure you have your original mats in your vehicle.
    • If you’ve tried these suggestions and are still having issues with fitment, contact us at support@exactmats.com with photos of the ExactMats on top of your factory mats. This will help out production team determine if there was some sort of error in the production or packaging process, and help them resolve your issue right away.
  2. What color are ExactMats?
    • Clear! We use the highest quality virgin vinyl to produce our mats. Other clear mats that might look similar to ExactMats, are usually made with a re-processed vinyl that results in a cloudy product that lacks the clarity and durability of ExactMats. By utilizing virgin vinyl, we provide you with the clearest protection possible so that the color and logos on your original mats show through.
  3. How much floor area do ExactMats cover?
    • We design our mats to match the precise dimensions of your original factory mats, so your new ExactMats will fit right on top of your carpeted mats and protect every line and curve.
    • Some vehicles are available with our UniMat. The UniMat still fits the exact shape of the individual mats, but also provides a precise fit across the middle of the vehicle floorboard that might not normally be protected by a factory mat. The UniMat is a great option for people who want that extra bit of protection in their vehicle.
  4. What if I no longer have the factory mats in my vehicle?
    • While ExactMats are made to fit your original factory mats, if you no longer have those mats in your car you can absolutely use your new ExactMats instead. Our stay-put grippers will still hold true on most carpeted floorboards.
  5. I can’t find my vehicle on your website, what can I do to get ExactMats in my car?
    • While we work with our partner dealerships to ensure that we have the latest mat templates for every vehicle design that hits the lot, occasionally one might fall through the cracks. If you don’t see your vehicle listed, or you are unsure about which model you should be buying, give us a call at 888.395.6004 and we will be glad to help you out and get you the protection you need.
  6. I have an older or imported vehicle that you don’t seem to offer. Can I still get ExactMats?
    • Absolutely! We have done custom protective mats for a wide variety of classic and imported cars (even a few airplanes!). Give us a call or shoot us an email with more information about your vehicle, and we will work to get a custom pattern created just for your car (custom ExactMats available on a case-by-case basis).
  7. Do you accept international credit cards?
    • Currently ExactMats does not accept international credit cards.
  8. Do you collect sales tax?
    • ExactMats is required by law to collect sales tax on orders with a billing address in Texas, and appropriate charges will be added to your merchandise total and displayed on your final order confirmation.
  9. Can I combine multiple discounts?
    • No. Customers are limited to one discount or coupon code per order. Multiple codes may not be "stacked" on an individual order.