When Your Passenger’s a Pup: ExactMats has You Covered

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You love your furry best friend. You know it, your friends know it, and we know it. But you also love your car. Sometimes introducing these two best friends into your life can get a little messy. Dogs have nails and like to drool while their fur tends to drop to the floor in big tufts. Your car suddenly went from a lean, clean machine to a dog grooming van. Is this already causing you anxiety?


Us too. That’s where ExactMats comes in to act as the perfect third-party solution to your furry car issue. ExactMats are clear floor mats that are cut to precisely fit on top of your car’s own mats. American made and scratch-resistant, these mats are designed to show off the sleek, pristine look of your car. There is not a better partner for your furry friend than ExactMats. If your pup gets excited and jumps somewhere they shouldn’t, ExactMats will keep your car protected, leaving you with no worries and no dirtied floors. ExactMats fit all the way to the very edge of your mats, keeping the whole thing protected from stains, dirt, and more.

ExactMats is perfect for pets!

Whether you’re taking your pet to the groomers, for a walk, to the dog park, or with you on everyday adventures, your car will be prepared and well taken care of. ExactMats are made with 100% virgin vinyl which means the quality is consistently great! Using pure vinyl ensures that the mats are durable and transparent, which preserves the natural look of your car. Not to mention that virgin vinyl is recyclable! Keep your pups safe, while also helping out the environment.

Everyone has that friend whose car is a mess, and is constantly apologizing for it. With ExactMats covering your floor, you can offer your car right up for people or doggy carpool. Load your friends up in style. Food and drinks aren’t an issue anymore either. If food accidents happen, and we know they do, your floor will be protected and can be cleaned without a big effort. Sticky soda, or coffee that has the ability to stain your pristine mats won’t be a cause for concern any longer. Your furry and non-furry friends will be seated in style and in a clean environment.

Let’s be honest, your dog is probably going to want to jump in that big dirty pond at the dog park. And that’s okay! Let them go! You’ll have to clean them up when you get home, but you won’t have to go to the car wash. ExactMats are designed to be easily taken out of your car when you’re in a hurry. Simply spray or wipe them down, give them a shake, and then slide them back in the car. Use that extra time you saved to chase down and spray your dirty dog. You’re happy, your dog is happy, and your car is happy. We call that a win all around.

ExactMats has you covered

If you take your dog everywhere then you definitely need ExactMats to protect your car from that everyday wear and tear. Tough nails are no match for the durability and strength of ExactMats. Let your dog run in circles in the backseat- ExactMats will protect your floors, without getting any scratches or dents. They were created with this type of lifestyle challenge in mind- to keep your car looking clean when you’re out and about with your dog best friend, so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s simple. ExactMats cover to the very edge of your original floormats so that no inch goes uncovered. So hoist your pup into your Jeep Liberty, Honda CR-V, or Toyota 4Runner and get going to the great outdoors!  

To wrap up why ExactMats are the best idea for your car since air bags were invented, and why they are the perfect solution to a car that is frequented by furry friends, we have to reiterate why it was created- to keep your car’s original look, and to protect it from that every day wear and tear. If you are a pet owner and love taking your dog everywhere with you, ExactMats was designed for you in mind. The high quality virgin vinyl is completely transparent, preserving that sleek, new car feel. ExactMats are american made and totally scratch-resistant and will always have a clean, clear look. You and your pet will be happier and worry-free with these in your car. ExactMats is not just a floormat, it is a gateway to an easier and simpler lifestyle for you and your pet.

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