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Are you starting to see an increase in the number of people that walk or drive around with their eyes glued to their phone? Sometimes even stopping to take a picture and saying something to the effect of “Yes I finally caught it” or “ There is a Clefairy nearby.” The whole “people being on their phone” thing isn't really new news but it seems like something is different about it now. It seems like it's not just people glued to social media and texting any longer, but instead like something has gotten ahold of the electronic world like never before. If these have been your thoughts here lately then you are right on point.

The mobile app Pokémon GO is getting some serious attention right now. Pokémon GO has users spending more time on it than on any other app such as Facebook and Twitter, and in just one week, it has quickly become the biggest mobile game to ever hit the market.  

With every tweet, snapchat, and BuzzFeed article, you can't help but to want to join in on the action and see just what all the commotion is really about. It's hard to sit on the sidelines for any longer while the world around you seems to be (virtually) taken over by Pokémon.

What makes this game stand out? It is like no other. It is a virtual game that interacts with the real world. This innovative system is like a videogame with the potential to take you from the depth of your couch to the streets and parks of your city. Without knowing it, people who play the game are being encouraged to get exercise and go outside to get some good vitamin D.

It also offers educational value by not only helping people become familiar with the world around them but because it uses a different measurement system.The game helps Americans become familiar with the metric system by using kilometers instead of miles to tell you how close the nearest Pokémon is.

The object of the game is to find Pokémon characters and capture them. In order to do this, you have to physically move around to make your virtual character move around and locate the Pokémon characters. There are virtual Pokémon in all sorts of different locations, making it similar to a scavenger hunt but with a virtual side incorporated into it.

Not only is it encouraging people to exercise without them thinking about it, but it’s also getting people outside of their house to explore their town, a completely different effect than other games seem to have on users who play them. Sure, there are still people walking around on their phone, but it's a step (literally) in the right direction.

With all of the exploring that the game requires you to do, you may often find it better to drive, since most of the places to capture the Pokémon you're looking for are too far to walk to. This means that you need your car to be ready for anything that you throw at it since you never know where the game will end up taking you.

ExactMats are the ultimate solution for every Pokémon goer because they offer your floor mats protection from whatever your adventures may bring in. They allow you to zip around from one Pokémon stop to the next, while they work hard protecting your car from dirt & grime, stains, wear & tear, mud, burns, moisture, and whatever else you want to throw at it.

Not only do they offer incredible protection, but they also offer impeccable precision and pristine clarity, allowing the original look and feel of your car to show through, giving you confidence in your clean car and never taking away from the sleek style. You will want to show off how great your car looks to everyone! Having your friends along for the ride will not only make the game more interesting because more people will be involved, but will also encourage you practice safety by not going on adventures by yourself.

The best part about them is that with their great protection, precision and clarity, they save you time by keeping you from having to clean so often. The high quality 100% virgin vinyl, transparent, american made material they are made of make them a great addition to your car. Not only do they help keep your car clean, but they are simple to keep clean. When they do need cleaning it's a easy as a clean wipe off or rinse with the hose. With ExactMats you can keep your car clean with half the effort, allowing you to spend more time doing what really matters to you- becoming a pro at the new Pokémon game.

When the Pokémon going gets tough, get going with ExactMats.



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