5 Things You Can’t Forget to Take Camping

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You’re going camping in the great outdoors. What are the five things that you need to have a great time? You and your four closest friends, of course. But, don’t forget these five other essentials that will ensure your camping trip a great success. You can’t go camping without being a little bit prepared and these are some of the things that will get you there. Don’t leave home without the following:

  1. MAP: The first thing you’re going to need to bring along with you is a map. You may be thinking that Google Maps now counts as a real map and most of the time it does! But sometimes it also doesn’t. When you go camping, chances are that you’re going to run into some pretty spotty cell phone service areas. While Google Maps has come a long way- a real map is going to be the real life saver. Not only is it going to be a concrete way for you to determine where you’re going, but it’ll also work your brain! So, don’t leave your phone at home, but don’t leave your map either.
  2. ROPE: Rope has proven to be an essential and reliable camping tool. You may think you’re too advanced for something as simple as rope, but you would be sorely mistaken. Rope can solve a number of issues that you can run into when you’re out and about without tons of amenities. Use a rope for hanging wet clothes, tying your boat to the shore, hanging food bags up and away from wild animals, and more. Keep it with you in your backpack because you never know when you might need it! There is a reason that this has been a camping staple for thousands of years- because it’s tried and true.
  3. HEADLAMP: While the first two items on our list have been staples for hundreds of years within the human race, this next one is a newer invention. But it has quickly become a staple for people who like to camp- the headlamp. Similar to a regular flashlight, the headlamp fits like a headband around the top of your head with a light affixed to the front. This is the best way to get things done quickly in low-light situations. No need to juggle a flashlight in your hands while also trying to fix a problem that is made all the more stressful at night. This fixture in camping is perfect for the hands-on approach to getting done whatever you need to. Just watch out for all the bugs, who will also be in love with your new headlamp.
  4. FIRST AID KIT: You know you can’t go camping without a good First Aid Kit. If you’re thinking that wherever you’re going won’t have anything that will hurt you- you’re probably wrong. Just the amount of things that you’ll be doing outdoors, and away from the comfort of your office chair, increases the amount of chances that something bad could happen, whether it be a cut to a sprained ankle. Make sure you have a first aid kit that is practical and portable. You’ll want to bring it with you on long hikes in case you need some disinfectant along the way. Some examples of things you’d need in a first aid kit are: sterile pads, bandages, pain relief medication, antiseptic wipes, antihistamine, tweezers, and more.
  5. EXACTMATS: The most important things you’re going to want while camping that will keep you organized and clean are going to be ExactMats. ExactMats are transparent floor mats cut precisely to match your vehicle’s make and model of mats. They fit easily onto the floor of your car without sacrificing the clean, fresh look of your car. ExactMats are made in the USA and are perfect for someone like you who loves to be outdoors and needs to easily transport things that would normally dirty the inside of the car. Don’t worry about your bike scratching up the carpet or treading mud marks on the inside of your car. ExactMats are easily cleaned and won’t scratch! Throw your bags, food, and camping gear in the car without worry, and hit the road!

Now that you have the camping essentials down, make sure to bring all the fun things like bikes, balls, frisbees, and hiking boots. Your friends and family will be impressed with your preparation and camping know-how. Toss everything onto your ExactMats and be reassured that your car will still be the same after your great outdoors adventure!

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